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About Us

What is QuidSurveys?

Earn money doing surveys from your PC, mobile or tablet.

QuidSurveys is a paid survey website that allows you to register, participate with opinions and earn money by answering surveys. We are looking for people who want to share their opinions honestly through paid online surveys on different topics.

Share your opinions and get rewards. Every time you participate you get points. Redeem your points for money in just a few clicks.

It sounds easy? What are you waiting for…

We care about your privacy

Your answers will be treated anonymously, your privacy is safe all the time.

You’ll have full control over what information is shared and when – we’ll never use your data without asking you first.

We innovate

Researchers from companies and academic institutions want to hear your opinion to develop new products and improve existing ones.

They need honest and genuine feedback to improve their products. By sharing your opinions with QuidSurveys, you will have a direct line to tell brands how you feel and what you think of them.


In order to maintain the highest long-term quality standards, we comply with the ESOMAR code of good practice (International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice).

Anytime, anywhere

You can complete surveys anytime, anywhere thanks to OpinionAPP on your mobile.

Download OpinionApp on the App Store or Google Play.